Banner Oak Investment Ventures

Banner Oak currently manages nine investment ventures designed to capitalize real estate operating companies. Providing both capital and strategic resources, Banner Oak and the ventures it manages allow operators to execute on a variety of value-added strategies. The three Akard Street ventures are all housed under a holding company fund, Akard Street Holdings, L.P., which Banner Oak manages.

  • Akard Street

    Akard Street Partners capitalizes skilled operators so they can efficiently scale their portfolios and execute on diverse real estate projects in U.S. markets in which they have on-the-ground expertise. By investing at the asset and operating company levels, the venture captures a proprietary pipeline of deal flow with the objective of achieving opportunistic returns.

  • Akard Street

    Akard Street Industrial

    Akard Street Industrial invests alongside Bridge Development Partners in the development of speculative and build-to-suit industrial projects. The venture is focused on building best-in-class products in Bridge’s core markets: Chicago, South Florida, Northern New Jersey and Southern California.

  • Akard Street
    Senior Housing

    Akard Street Senior Housing

    Akard Street Senior Housing invests alongside Capital Health Holdings in the acquisition and development of senior housing projects across the U.S. The venture is focused on higher acuity products – primarily assisted living and senior housing.

  • Banner Oak Industrial
    Development Venture

    Akard Street Senior Housing

    Banner Oak Industrial Development Venture acts as the second investment vehicle (after Akard Street Industrial) dedicated to providing asset-level capital alongside Bridge Development Partners for the development of industrial projects in Bridge’s core markets. Targeted development sites are well-located with proximity to some of the country’s largest population centers, with excellent access to ports and primary transportation arteries.

  • Banner Oak
    Multifamily Venture

    Akard Street Senior Housing

    Banner Oak Multifamily Venture invests programmatic general partner capital in new multifamily developments sourced and executed by Trinsic Residential Group, a fully integrated multifamily operating company initially capitalized by Akard Street Partners. The Venture also invests limited partner capital at the asset level on a select basis. Through this allocation of capital, Banner Oak intends to expand its reach in the multifamily program originated through its Akard Street investment in Trinsic.

  • Banner Oak Core

    Akard Street Senior Housing

    Banner Oak Core Venture selectively acquires, for a longer‐term hold period, stabilized projects developed by operating companies within the Banner Oak program. Targeted assets have achieved successful lease‐ups in strategic infill locations within high growth markets. The Venture is designed to hold properties that contain competitive advantages in their submarkets that afford stable performance with outsized potential for growth in net operating income.

  • Banner Oak Enhanced
    Core Venture

    Banner Oak Enhanced Core Venture

    Banner Oak Enhanced Core Venture capitalizes select industrial projects in prime locations developed in partnership with Bridge Development Partners with the intention of long-term ownership as core assets. Value creation through development and leasing stabilization affords the Venture the opportunity to own a core industrial portfolio at costs below customary, open-market acquisitions.

  • Banner Oak Operating
    Company Fund

    Banner Oak Operating Company Fund

    Banner Oak Operating Company Fund acts as Banner Oak’s second private equity vehicle to invest in real estate operating company platforms, following the full deployment of Akard Street Partners. The Fund pursues investments with high-quality, integrated operating teams having experience in select real estate sectors who are seeking programmatic entity level and asset capital to profitably grow their businesses. This program includes capital for systematic co-investments in assets, pursuit costs and credit support, as well as preferred equity structures.

  • Banner Oak
    Investment Fund

    Banner Oak Investment Fund

    Banner Oak Investment Fund provides capital for selective, direct investments in real estate assets operated by companies in which Banner Oak Operating Company Fund or Akard Street Partners has invested. The Fund thus creates the opportunity for unified capital solutions for the assets so selected. The Fund’s primary objective is to identify an elite group of risk-adjusted limited partner opportunities throughout the portfolios of these operating companies.

Development Partners
Class A Industrial

Bridge Development Partners is a vertically integrated platform with development, acquisition, and asset and property management capabilities focused on the acquisition and development of Class A industrial real estate in the top four U.S. industrial markets: Chicago, South Florida, Northern New Jersey and Southern California.

Launched in 2000 by industry veterans with a combined 60 years of experience with this product, Bridge has a proven track record as a nimble, opportunity-focused developer providing market-ready opportunities at primarily infill locations.

By recognizing opportunities others often overlook, the company also acquires Class A and Class B facilities that provide opportunities to add value and operate on a flexible basis. Additionally, Bridge has made significant investments in cold storage and refrigerated facilities in the Chicago market.

Residential Group

Trinsic Residential Group, formed in 2011, is a fully integrated multifamily platform with in-house development, construction and asset management capabilities.

Trinsic develops suburban, high-end institutional, garden-style properties, as well as high-density urban communities, concentrating on areas of disproportionate population and business growth. Trinsic also performs the general contracting for its product in select regions and uses best practices throughout its planning and construction processes, emphasizing high-end finishes, distinctive design elements and a full complement of amenities.

Trinsic continues to successfully develop top-quality multifamily properties in select, highly liquid markets and operates them with a focus on resident satisfaction.

Health Holdings
Senior Housing

Capital Health Holdings, formed in 2011 with an experienced group of industry leaders, acquires and develops private-pay assisted living and memory care senior housing facilities throughout the United States.

The group targets opportunistic returns by investing in underperforming properties and enhancing value by repositioning, expanding or improving operations; acquiring distressed debt and taking ownership of the property; and developing properties in infill, supply-constrained locations.

Capital Health has established a strategic relationship for each of its projects with Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC, an affiliated professional management company.


Cypress Ventures develops and operates retail centers across the United States designed to appeal to national retailers.

Cypress leverages local market knowledge and deep tenant relationships to develop or reposition retail properties and target value-added returns for its investors.

The principals of Cypress have significant experience in the retail space. Cypress’ affiliation with SRS Real Estate Partners, a leading real estate services provider with offices across the country, provides local knowledge and widespread tenant relationships.