Banner Oak Capital Partners

Through management, control and creativity

The Banner Oak principals have been active in the real estate acquisition, ownership and investment business for over 30 years. Banner Oak was launched in 2016 from its predecessor firm, Hunt Realty Investments, an active private investor in real estate.

Banner Oak has the requisite infrastructure in place to capitalize on and effectively manage complex and innovative strategies. It utilizes a research-driven approach with an emphasis on the creation of value through active management, risk control and creativity.

Focusing on the Approach

Banner Oak strives to create value for its partners and investors with a distinctive approach to real estate focused on three primary areas:


of early- to mid-stage real estate platforms with highly experienced management teams executing on focused strategies.


alongside experienced operators seeking a primary equity source to capitalize their pipeline.

Direct Ownership

Direct Ownership
and management of select strategic assets and core holdings with a long-term time horizon.

Results from this Approach

Entity level growth capital and programmatic GP asset capital

Multi-strategy asset capital designed to invest alongside various strategic partners prior to formation of dedicated funds

Partner specific asset capital designed to invest exclusively alongside strategic partners

Core and Build to Core - long term capital

Achieving Results

A particular emphasis for Banner Oak has been the formation and capitalization of real estate operating partnerships. Of significant importance is the assembly of highly capable operating teams with strong management and entrepreneurial skills focused on a specific property type in targeted markets. Once properly capitalized and in partnership with Banner Oak, these fully integrated operating companies improve their capabilities to compete successfully in their respective markets, with the objective of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

The Banner Oak team has invested in or managed a diverse portfolio of real assets and operating companies in the US and the UK. These investments have spanned a variety of product types and strategies, including industrial, multifamily, senior housing, retail, office and mixed use, and have included both debt and equity capital structures.